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Lubell Labs Inc. of Columbus Ohio USA proudly presents the CAWSS-Stageman System, a patented Complete Air & Water Sound System designed for the sport of Synchronized Swimming. This highly portable battery operated system operates for up to 10 hours per charge, and faithfully reproduces your music files via Bluetooth connection to phone, tablet, or computer, or via USB flash drive or SD card inserted into the built-in digital player/recorder. Separate 250 watt amplifiers and volume controls allow independent volume level settings of the built-in 8 inch coax woofer for the natatorium, and the externally connected 9.250 inch Lubell underwater speaker lowered to the bottom of the 25 meter swimming pool. The included UHF wireless hand microphone allows the coach to clearly communicate with the swimmers; Engaging the VOICE PRIORITY switch will even automatically reduce the music level while the coach is speaking. A built in mixer with combo XLR/TRS jacks allow connection of two optional wired microphones (or line level devices), and a 3.5 mm mini-stereo input jack allows connection of equipment operator's mp3 player or computer. The LINE OUT jack allows connection to built-in sound systems at larger venues, for rebroadcasting the sound to the audience. Additionally, separate BASS and TREBLE controls allow fine tuning and correction of the music being reproduced, and the EFFECTS control adds reverb if desired. The included universal 100-240V AC adapter/charger with mating area-specific power cords (with international safety compliance markings) allow safe worldwide use of system.

For competitive synchronized swimming and competitive swimming, Lubell Labs offers the 500 watt (250 watt x 2) CAWSS APEX PRO system, which is not as portable, but is significantly louder.

Lubell Labs founder, WWII veteran Alan Lubell (an MSEE formally with Hughes Aircraft), invented the pistonic piezoelectric underwater loudspeaker back in 1965, and received a patent for this remarkable miniaturized broadband design. Not only is the design efficient, but also extremely dependable and long lasting due to its rugged dual PVC overmolded aluminum piston construction. Because of this remarkable engineering feat, one Lubell underwater speaker outperforms up to 50 competing technology's products, greatly lowering cost and simplifying installations. And due to this advantage, Lubell underwater speakers are demanded by leading professionals and organizations around the world including NASA, US Navy, USGS, Olympics, Aquarius Underwater Habitat, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Bellagio, Le Reve, Sea World, Weeki Wachee Springs, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, and others. Lubell speakers are even used in most blockbuster movies having underwater footage including Abyss, Armageddon, Flipper, Harry Potter, James Bond Skyfall, Pearl Harbor, and Waterworld!


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