Clark AQ339 Aquasonic

Clark Synthesis Diluvio (p/n AQ339) Underwater Speaker

The Clark Synthesis Diluvio is an economical moving-coil design underwater pool speaker providing louder, more bass rich sound than the UW30. Possible uses for the Diluvio include providing underwater sound for flotation tanks, Watsu massage, synchronized swimming, and integration into home swimming pools. (For 25 yard and 50 meter collegiate pools, or deep home lap pools, the Lubell portable LL916 or in-wall 9484 underwater speaker is recommended based on reports from high school swim coaches.) The Diluvio has an attached 100' cord, and must be connected to the transformer isolated 4 ohm and common speaker output terminals of the following UL Listed amplifiers: Bosch Plena PLE-1ME120-US mixer-amplifier or the Bosch Plena PLE-1P120-US power amplifier.

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